Tijuana Ministry

2018 Tijuana Ministry Trip

Church of the Resurrection joins hands with St. Simon, St. Julie Billiart and Holy Family Parishes in the Tijuana Ministry to reach out to those in need!

The Tijuana Ministry has scheduled two trips to build housing structures for needy families from June 30 to July 7 and July 7 to July 14 of this year.  In addition to the building projects, during the second week the group will be providing recreational opportunities for local children and teens, and enrichment programs for their mothers. 

Note: The application deadline for the 2018 trips ended on March 15, 2018.

Our Mission

We foster friendships and spiritual growth by reaching across borders to bring God’s people together. By putting our faith into action, we build lasting and vibrant communities in collaboration with San Eugenio Parish in Tijuana. We provide opportunities for education, immersion, and commitment to promote human dignity. 

We are a non-profit Catholic based ministry focused on building community within one of the most impoverished areas of Tijuana, Mexico. The ministry was founded in 2004, by members of St. Julie Billiart Parish who were focused on the problem of global poverty and social justice. 

The ministry provides an immersive experience building homes for families in dire need and ministering to women and children in Tijuanaʼs La Morita area.

Can’t travel to Tijuana?

There are many ways to help even if you can’t travel with us. 
Participate in fundraising projects to buy building and program supplies.  

Printable wish list: See List
Amazon wish list:  http://a.co/1mHvWEO

Donate!  Ask your friends and family, and your employer, to donate. Some employers have a matching program, ask them!

Checks should be made out to “Church of the Resurrection” with "Tijuana Ministry" in the memo line of the check and sent to Church of the Resurrection, 725 Cascade Dr., Sunnyvale CA 94087.  If you are donating for one of the travelers, please also add the traveler's name on the memo line. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Or go to the web site at www.tijuanaministry.org and donate online. (Be sure to indicate any specific person you are donating for and that your donation is from Resurrection Parish).

Most important, please pray for the success of this ministry and for all those involved.
With God's help, we can do more! 

For more information, please e-mail tjministry@resparish.org or contact Mike O’Connell at 408-735-8507.


Did you know?

  • That there is so much poverty just ten miles south of the US border?  
  • That the US minimum hourly wage is the equivalent of the Tijuana daily wage at a crowded, stuffy factory?  
  • There is no sewer system, very few working water systems and scattered un-reliable electricity? 
  • Food and gasoline are more expensive than in the US? 
  • Colonia La Morita in Tijuana , Mexico is one of the poorest area of North America?

San Eugenio’s sees an influx of an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 people a year coming from other depressed areas of Mexico looking for employment and a better life for their families.  But there are not enough jobs, and people often resort to living in makeshift shelters and unsanitary conditions. Infrastructure has not been able to keep up with population growth. 

Through it all, they are people just like you and me - having the same hopes and aspirations for a life of love, hope and a better future. Let’s reach out and help. We may not be able to solve all their problems, but every little deed can make a difference!

Donation of Supplies are Needed

The Tijuana Ministry Team is grateful for all of your support and this is a wonderful opportunity for all those staying here in California to get involved and help out. 

Your donations make it possible for us to provide a week of programs for over 300 mothers, children and teens each July in San Eugenio Parish in Tijuana, Mexico. We depend on your kindness to help us create crafts, games and projects. 

Printable wish list: See List
Amazon wish list: https://tinyurl.com/tjteenprogram