Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Advisory Council is composed of parishioners who serve to provide their time and expertise in an advisory capacity to the pastor. In this role, council members represent the whole of the parish. They bring a wide variety of backgrounds and experience and provide valuable insight in the collaborative work of the parish.

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From the Pastor's Desk

We would like to share the great news that our late parishioners Carl and Hildegard Rink have bequeathed the Church of Resurrection, the most generous gift earmarked for the Resurrection School. We commend them with grateful hearts to our Risen Lord whom they honored and served while they were still here. We would like to express our gratitude to our parishioner Mr. William “Bill” Schimpf and his family, most specially to his son, Steve Schimpf, the designated administrators of the Rink Trust for helping and facilitating. May the Lord continue to bless our school and parish!

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the fiscal responsibilities of the parish and produces the Annual Financial Report. It also works with the Pastor in preparing and approving the Annual Budget, overseeing and approving major capital expenditures as well as reviewing the operating budget and providing important guidance in the financial management of the parish.
Contact: Steve Vonderach - 408-738-3799 - shvondy@gmail.comt

Financial Report 1st Quarter 2019
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2019
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2019

Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report
Financial Report 1st Quarter 2018
Financial Report 2nd Quarter 2018
Financial Report 3rd Quarter 2018
Financial Report 4th Quarter 2018
Fiscal Year 2018 - Sunday Collections Report

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee advises the Pastor regarding the management of our physical parish plant, determines and prioritizes needs for maintenance, repair and improvements, and oversees all work done on our parish facilities.
Contact: Wes Leiser -