Social Action Ministry (S.A.M.)

The call to work for social justice is imbedded in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, who came “to bring good tidings to the poor/…liberty to captives/and recovery of sight to the blind. Luke 4:18. That call has been further specified by the teachings of the Church. The Church’s social teaching comprises a body of doctrine, but it is not merely a series of documents. Rather, it is a living tradition of thought and actions. (National Directory for Catechesis)

This teaching is a call to conscience, compassion, and creative action in a world confronting the terrible tragedy of widespread abortion, the haunting reality of hunger and homelessness, and the evil of continuing prejudice and poverty. It lifts up the moral and human dimensions of major public issues, examining the “signs of the times” through the values of the Scriptures, the teaching of the Church, and the experience of the People of God.” (558 A Century of Social Teaching: A Common Heritage, a Continuing Challenge USCCB)

Catholic social teaching seeks to apply the Gospel command of love to and within social systems. (National Directory for Catechesis)

The role and goal of the Social Action Ministry committee at Resurrection Parish is to educate, to inform to take actions (that are transformative of people and structures) and to promote the goodness of all. 

Parishioners are invited to work with the Social Action Ministry Committee as we work to serve and help those who are marginalized in our midst.

Seven Key Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

  1. Life and dignity of the human person
  2. Call to family, community, and participation
  3. Rights and responsiblities
  4. Option for the poor
  5. The dignity of work and the rights of workers
  6. Solidarity
  7. Care for God’s creation

Contact: Angela Rausch - or Donna Beres -