Eucharist (First Communion)

The Holy Eucharist completes Christian initiation. (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1322) Communion is the Sacrament of the presence of Jesus, Son of God, as food for us and a sign of our union with the entire Church. The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. (CCC1324) At the heart of the Eucharistic celebration are the bread and wine that by the words of Christ and the invocation of the Holy Spirit become, truly and substantially, Christ's Body and Blood. (CCC 1333)

Children and Teens
Preparation is a two-year process beginning in first grade. Sessions are also available for older children who would like to prepare for First Communion. All children will prepare with peers of their own age. Parents are expected to assist in this preparation and to attend parent meetings for this purpose. 

Adult Catholics who have not yet received their first Communion are invited to speak to any member of the parish staff. After an initial interview the appropriate preparation can be designed. In most circumstances, these Catholics share their preparation with adults who are preparing for the three sacraments of initiation, Baptism, Confirmation, and Communion (see Baptism, Adults). 

This is a preparation of several months and is supported by small faith sharing communities. 

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